Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sadie and Anessa Sadie is on Top and anessa is below

Below or above,  you will see pictures of Sadie, who is in the first picture and then 3 pictures of Anessa. These are two new dolls and they are unfinished. I will make Sadie some barefeet and Anessa has a more formal look, so I will give her some special boots. These dolls have had a little heavier Antiquing and a few new changes that I am seeing in the Izannah photo's. More brush strokes in the eyebrows and a little more defining of the mouth. also on Anessa I have put in stitching in some areas around her head. The doll is all cloth and the front and back of the head have been joined together, but all the stitches don't show up, so, I have added a few more for a more complete look. Picking out something for a dress. I thought I would use some cotton whitework for one, and I have some vintage red fabric that should look good on Sadie. I will try this time to get the gathers in the top. Must hurry, must hurry, so much work to be done. Wish me well on making the dresses,  and ( happy happy ) doll making to everybody.

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  1. Martha, I double clicked to enlarge, and there they were BIG and BEAUTIFUL!! You have certainly captured "the look" in these girls...the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the EARS (those wonderful Izannah gnarly ears!)...what a treat for the eyes!!! I am proud for you, Martha!!! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!