Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Look at Me

Look, look at me, see what I got today. I got the pretty blue dress and bonnet.  HaHa  I also got the pretty under ware too.  Martha said I could have it as I was so sweet and such a beauty that I deserved a fine outfit and now I am very pleased, except for the new shoes I am yet to receive. Martha says that I will get a pair of pretty Mary Jane shoes and some extra nice socks. I saw her looking at some beads on the internet ( yes I am very educated and know about such things ), and I think they will be for me, as she keeps looking at me and the beads. The beads are called Lapis Luzuli and right now I know that Martha is enraptured by their beautiful blue color, I like them too, so pretty.  I don't know what sister Jinksy will get to wear, but it can't possibly be prettier than my new dress. I will have to throw looks at Martha toward a beautiful piece of material for sister, as I do love her and want her to be proud of her clothes too. Generally speaking,  Martha is pretty fair and she does love us and  wants the best for us, so not to worry to much.  Jinksy would look good in a deep red dress, and I know Martha has a very fine piece of ruby red antique Calico she has been saving.

 Jinksy isn't as pretty as I am,  as she has  sort of bad  teeth and frankly speaking, she is not as smart as me either, but a good soul after all. Some of the other dolls around here have cut up and refused certain dresses and such, so their loss is my good fortune. Today has been a good day and I am seeing lots of work going on, Poor Martha works on us every spare minute she can, and tells us how pretty we are and shows us to her family each time we get something new done to us. I ask Martha to sew my name  ( Trixie ) on my new dress, so that people will know my name and see how loved I am to have such nice things.


  1. Her face! I can't get over how that bonnet sets of her expression. You have created such a treasure with this doll. So glad she's happy with her new dress. :~D

  2. Trixie your dress and bonnet are certainly the envy of all the other dollies in Martha's work room! Martha, has done an outstanding job creating you. I look forward to seeing Jinksy's outfit too. A red dress is always pretty & I have a feeling she will turn out just as beautiful as you!

  3. I love her! She was certainly meant to wear blue. That hat really dresses her up! I smiled when I read, "Martha... shows us to her family each time we get something new done to us." My poor husband has to endure that too. He is a good sport pretending to be interested when I know he probably isn't.

    I am sure Jinksy is a fine doll too, and will love a new red dress.

  4. Such a beautiful work if art. I adore her.