Monday, December 25, 2017

New Izannah's, an alabama baby doll. and an Old Fashion Rag Doll

First of all.  let me wish everyone a wonderful safe New Year, full of happiness and hopefully,  lots of doll making.  Enjoying Christmas day at home, doing some cooking and working on my dolls, it was a good day. Any time I can just work on my dolls, without having to stop for other type work is a good day to me. What I am showing you is a few new dolls, plus my antique Izannah Walker doll named Harmonia. Harmonia is a patient doll, because not only did her previous owner fail to make her a good dress, I have not made her one either. She has on a old chemise hand me down from another doll. I do plan to fix her up with a good dress and hat. Along with Harmonia, is Gladiola and Bethsayda. I haven't put Harmonia to full use yet. I am only looking at her body and certain parts to make better parts for my dolls. ( more correct proportions )  I would have to draft a new pattern to get her form right ( the hour glass shape ) attaching the legs different from I have in the past, and also her hair. This antique doll has  shorter legs than a lot of the antique dolls I have seen., also one foot is not the same size as the other one. I had already stopped trying to get everything perfect, because some small imperfections only add to the dolls charm in my opinion. ( also eliminates a lot of do-overs ). I have also decided to go ahead and re-do the tiny dolls waist on the blue calico dresses I had made them. I made the waist band to wide, causing the dress to be to long and not look right on the dolls, so after much careful deliberation and much putting off deciding to do the correction, I have started to fix the problem. I really should have written to Santa to bring me a stupid mistake preventer, and a new brain. Sadly, I couldn't remember to do this. Well, another project I have been working on is the very big, fat, black Alabama Baby Doll, I have made for a friend. At a scant 25 inches tall, this chunky girl is really very sweet. I deviated from the true body and put on a second skin, which the antiques don't have. I have to go back and tweek her out and paint on her eyebrows which are very distinctive and flaring. I just thought you might like to see her now. She is getting a black calico dress. My last item of interest here is the old fashioned painted head rag doll. I have lots of trouble with these, as they don't have the old antique look to me that seems so simple to make, but I do the best I can, and hopefully one of these days, I will stumble on a face that looks like I envision every time I try to make one of these dolls. I re painted my little Izannah dolls too. They didn't sell on ebay, so I guess they weren't decked out right. Enjoy the holidays and happy doll making to all.


  1. These dolls are amazing, Martha! I so agree with what Artis wrote on Maida Dolls Group, "Remember your first ones and today you are a master doll maker." You must feel pretty wonder about that!

  2. They're all beautiful! I had to let go of what Ebay "thinks" about my dolls ages ago--sometimes the right people just don't happen to be looking there at the right time. I love the painted rag lady with the two tiny Izzies in her lap--makes me realize how small they are!