Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Here is Bloomette. This large pressed cloth head doll is finally finished. She caused me quite alot of trouble along the way, but we have come to terms with one another. I always try to find a piece of cloth that really suits each doll. This cranberry antique calico fabric has been laid aside for probably a year or more,  as I have been busy spending what little money I have on buying as much antique fabric as I can, and now it has been made into a fine dress for Bloomette. It took all that I had to make the outfit. I did make her a lace slip as well as a cotton one to fill out her skirt. These type slips are not what a doll of that era would wear, but, I like the frills, so she got it anyway. The bonnet was almost changed to a simple more appropriate one, but I spent forever making it and just couldn't change it, even if it is a little over the top ( fancy wise ). Besides finishing this doll I have been trying to dye fabric again. I always look out for the ( poison ) green overdyed calico fabric. It is super hard to find and super expensive too. Usually you can get little pieces, but not enough to make a large outfit, so I have been trying to dye a very old farm dress that was a faded green into a over dyed poison green color. The over dyed green calico got to be that special color by first dyeing the fabric a indigo blue, and then over dyeing it with a special yellow, I can't spell that color right now, but it is a color I think you would have to buy special. Eventually I will get the colors and try this. My attempts have been a big failure as the color I got is ugly and not worthy of a dress, even though it is an antique dress. I will attempt to dye it one more time a brighter green and use it to make tiny doll dresses. I have also learned another valuable lesson on buying antique clothes. When you see an old dress or piece of fabric try to see if it has lots of age stains, because you will not be able to get them out of the fabric. To my dismay, I learned this the hard way and have wasted money and time. You can get out a few stains, and even not get out a few stains, which would be acceptable, but if the fabric is very bad, then don't invest in it, better to pay more money and get a good piece that you can use all of it. Aren't you glad I share all my mistakes, so you don't have to go through my trouble. Happy Doll making to all.


  1. Martha, what a beautiful doll you have made! The shape of the head is just wonderful, and her face is divine. I'm really glad she got to keep her fancy hat for she surely deserves it.

  2. Martha, your skill is growing. I like everything in this doll - dress, underwear, hat and her baby face.

  3. A classic beauty, in a gorgeous dress. You're brave to use the antique fabric. I have several pieces that I'm saving for my own dolls, should I ever actually DRESS them, that is. But I'm nervous about cutting into them--knowing I can't "un-cut". :~P This girl definitely does justice to the clothes you've made for her--including her over-the-top fancy bonnet. It's perfect for her.