Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Martha's New Dolly

Here is my new doll I just finished. Dolly is about 20" tall. all cloth. barefoot with simulated sewed on feet. ( this is optional if you don't want to make the foot seperate and then sew it on, you can do the stitch work to look as though the foot has been sewed on. )  It is really up to the maker how true to the original antique doll you want to go in their construction, the only departure I made in this dolls case was the feet, all other aspects of her are made like Izannah Walker dolls are made. She wears her cotton dress of  brilliant white with matching bonnet.


  1. She's so lovely in her snowy white, Martha. I'm curious to try a larger doll one of these days.

  2. Great fun to see a new Martha what you are doing with the molds. Your new doll looks so lovely in white; such a wonderful constrast with her beautiful, beautiful skin tones.

  3. Ah so Darling!!!!!!!!! Love her clothing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta say, her ears are spot on shape!!!! Even tho most dont like the cauliflower ears I so do!!!!!!!!!