Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bare Feet - New Dolls and Comparing sizes

I have some new dolls to look at, and  as usual we had bad light for these, but did the best we could. The big 20" doll in light pink, very old material is named Augusta. I have had her for several months, but finally finished her and gave her a permanent name. The little 11 1/2" black doll is named Primrose. She is really sweet, but I can't seem to get a good enough picture to show her in the best light.  I have now finally finished 7 IW type dolls and 4 rag dolls.  Still working on the giant IW's and I thought you would enjoy a comparison of sizes of the normal about 18 or 19" inch doll with the over 30" big dolls. The big big dolls are a little slow in coming into being, but, like everyone else,  I stay busy and there are other jobs to do around the place. We are still building on a carport. It grew from 20 feet by 20 feet to 20 feet by 32 feet. There is alot of grass to cut before cold weather, I am holding off as long as I can to ( not have to do it but one more time )  well, back to more interesting things. I said in my last post I would show how to make a nice pair of bare feet. Most of you doll makers, no doubt, know how to do this, but I drew up a little instruction page. It's crude, but if you read it several times, I think it's understandable. If you want to do this and don't understand my scriblings, let me know and I'll try to do a better job explaining. I made a picture of a pair of feet I made doing what I describe on the paper.  All of this ( about the feet ) is because I was having a very hard time getting nice rounded feet with good toes. If you are going to make barefeet, they should be plump and good. Some of mine were less than satisfactory to me.  I hope this helps others, who might have the same problems as I do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tiny Dolls Finished

I finally finished the tiny 9" little Izannah babies.  Everybody always asks the question, are the small dolls harder to do than the bigger dolls, well my answer is,  yes, yes, yes they are!  After sewing ( MOSTLY HAND SEWING ALL THOSE 4 OUTFITS, 4 BONNETS, 4 PANTYLOONS, SLIPS AND CHEMISES ) I am just about blind. Haha   No joke though, after sewing 6 days, all day, my eyes were so blurred, I couldn't see the writing on the computer very well.  Every morning I can see good again, but the eye strain is very hard on you. They are a happy group. The white dresses are made from vintage cotton  dotted swiss, the old fashioned kind that I love with the cotton tuffs. ( hard to come by). the red striped dresses are lined with solid red, all the dresses are fully lined. I thought the red stripe was old material, as I got it at Kewanee store in the real old materials, but I liked it. I guess these red dresses look like Christmas or Candy canes, but I still like them. A wonderful peace has settled on me now, as I can move on to the normal size dolls and the big dolls. I have learned a super easy way to make the most beautiful bare feet. It is ( SUPER EASY ) and I'll show you how in my next post. I have to draw up instructions. You can make bare feet lots of ways, but these are strong and pretty much stress free and plump and nice.