Friday, February 15, 2013

Aletha Mae is ready to paint

I am working on Aletha Mae and quite a few others at the present time. One of the dolls is Gloriana, a large primitive Izannah based on a antique. Pretty soon she will be shown in the same state,  with gesso ,before the actual painting begins. I also made a picture of two rag dolls I like alot. One is a pinkeep, named Mrs. Pratt,  who sits in a can and a regular rag doll who can sit up by herself. None of the dolls have any clothes right now. I like the bright colored dresses, but might have to start using more of the old calico's and old homespun, if I can afford to buy any, which I do like, but sometimes, they will just have to get a vintage fabric dress, these are pretty too. Yes, yes, that is me in the picture holding the doll. Fortunately, for you all, only a little of me showed up. I didn't realize i would be included. Terrible picture. HaHa. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another visit with ( Miss Martha )

Miss Martha has been with me for a long time. Her tag says only 6 months, but she has been with me far longer than that.  To me Miss Martha has the same sweetness that Izannah's dolls have. I know that Izannah Walker loved to make the dolls. I also know she made them to make money, but I don't believe she could have made them look the way they do, with the sweet presence they have,  if her love for them didn't show through. I won't have her much longer as a lovely sweet lady wants her, and I am glad for this.