Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Jinksy has a new dress too. I wanted a super red dress, but nothing I had available was red enough. I already had a pretty red dress with black dots, but it was to plain, so off to the store to see what could be had. I managed to find the really red fabric in a fat quarter to make the bonnet and embellish the dress some. I love the bonnet fabric, but couldn't get any yardage, only 5 fat quarters, so I made do. This doll will also get some socks and shoes. I included a couple of pictures of us working, while we were sewing for Jinksy. You will have to excuse our ragged

y clothes and un combed hair, as this was spur of the moment, and I didn't have time to get beautiful for the camera. HaHa.   I had to take a break from doll making to go to the doctor. She congratulated me on loosing 10 lbs. I have a long way to go, but we are all working on our figures and our health issues as well. I have a ton of work to do, and it seems no time to do it all, but like every one else, I just go a step at at a time now and do as much as I can. Another picture I put up this time is another, (yes, another re- do ) on the paint on my last Izannah doll. This is the last one though. I do love this doll and will not be making another like this, as I have made new molds for the future, and they will have up grades on several fronts. New heads, new body changes, new feet design, and some minor changes with the fingers. Among the other projects I have going is my new rag doll body and changes in the way they look. I am trying out different fabrics ( mostly old flour sack ) to make the old looking dolls. They say we are in for a big snow storm the end of the week, and if that is true, more time for dolls, more me time. Well tonight on our strick diet we have atleast two cups of steamed cabbage to look forward to, as well as a little flat bread pizza that will fit into the palm of my hand. Gone are the days of ( Oh lets go get some fried chicken and potatoes ), and forget the bread. It  is a good thing they give us lots of oatmeal in every thing else, I do like it dry. Hope all is well with everyone and look forward to seeing others creations and activities.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Great Experiment

Well Folks, welcome to my super big day of experimenting with dyes. As you all know who make dolls or clothes, or quilts, or anything to do with cloth, indigo blue is a color used for dyeing blue jeans, fabrics, and I am sure lots of other things for ages in every country. Not only has it been used for so long, it is a prized color as well. The cost of antique indigo fabric has gone through the roof. I know this as I have bought some when I could afford to, and bought it because it is getting harder to find. I decided, ( with my big brain ) that I should try to make me some fabric using this dye. Well, you will see some of the results. It is fairly easy to do a dye, just dipping the fabric into the vat, of course you will just get a darker piece of clothes, as I have no idea how to get the markings like they did in the old factories, or new ones for that matter, but it is a beginning. Light bulbs are beginning to turn on in my head. I have to read up on it more, but I think they used wax to keep the dye from settling into all the fabric, and of course they would have had huge machines to do this. As I only need smaller amounts, I can experiment with this, after I do some home work and try to figure out the exact process on a small scale. Tie dyeing is not the answer, it would have to be a regular pattern to be usable for clothes making for the dolls. I did find out that the Japanese do tie dye and have for heaven knows how long, not only them, but so many countries down through the ages. If you have ever seen the movie ( Troy ) with Brad Pitt you will see the most  beautiful blue fabrics they used in that movie. So blue it just made you look at it as long as you could. Have fun looking at the pictures and me trying to do this. I think the first session of dyeing was great and the clothes I dyed I will show in the next post. Who says you can't go back in time. HaHa We will see what can be done to reclaim some of the beauty of the past without going to the poor house. Oh, yes, thanks to my best helper, my husband who never fails to jump in and try to make my experiments work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Look at Me

Look, look at me, see what I got today. I got the pretty blue dress and bonnet.  HaHa  I also got the pretty under ware too.  Martha said I could have it as I was so sweet and such a beauty that I deserved a fine outfit and now I am very pleased, except for the new shoes I am yet to receive. Martha says that I will get a pair of pretty Mary Jane shoes and some extra nice socks. I saw her looking at some beads on the internet ( yes I am very educated and know about such things ), and I think they will be for me, as she keeps looking at me and the beads. The beads are called Lapis Luzuli and right now I know that Martha is enraptured by their beautiful blue color, I like them too, so pretty.  I don't know what sister Jinksy will get to wear, but it can't possibly be prettier than my new dress. I will have to throw looks at Martha toward a beautiful piece of material for sister, as I do love her and want her to be proud of her clothes too. Generally speaking,  Martha is pretty fair and she does love us and  wants the best for us, so not to worry to much.  Jinksy would look good in a deep red dress, and I know Martha has a very fine piece of ruby red antique Calico she has been saving.

 Jinksy isn't as pretty as I am,  as she has  sort of bad  teeth and frankly speaking, she is not as smart as me either, but a good soul after all. Some of the other dolls around here have cut up and refused certain dresses and such, so their loss is my good fortune. Today has been a good day and I am seeing lots of work going on, Poor Martha works on us every spare minute she can, and tells us how pretty we are and shows us to her family each time we get something new done to us. I ask Martha to sew my name  ( Trixie ) on my new dress, so that people will know my name and see how loved I am to have such nice things.