Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Izannah Doll

New izannah doll with her blue dress. She does not get a apron. I really didn't think she needed it. She is going to a very sweet lady I know,  who already has Mary, that I made awhile ago. She wanted a sister for her. I have sent her a standard dress pattern, so she can make her dolls lots of dresses and clothes.

Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Izannahs, The same but different

Here are two new Izannahs. they came from the same mold, but look very different from each other. The way a head comes out of the mold changes each doll some. If you repair flaws in the cloth face, naturally, the face shape changes a little bit. Most faces will need some repair work, so it's not a bad thing, because it gives you a chance to get a doll with a different expression and a slighty different look. I'm still surprised how cloth and glue put into a form, and a little painting and TLC can transform into something beautiful. My favorite part of the doll making is the painting. It's the part that changes a plain white head that looks like a space alien into a real little person. The paint brings out what was hidden from our eyes. It goes around curves, across the high and low places on the dolls face, it gives deepness and soul to the eyes, a sweetness to the mouth , a soft blush to the cheeks that is so endearing. I hope I gave these two dolls all these things.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sadie and Anessa Sadie is on Top and anessa is below

Below or above,  you will see pictures of Sadie, who is in the first picture and then 3 pictures of Anessa. These are two new dolls and they are unfinished. I will make Sadie some barefeet and Anessa has a more formal look, so I will give her some special boots. These dolls have had a little heavier Antiquing and a few new changes that I am seeing in the Izannah photo's. More brush strokes in the eyebrows and a little more defining of the mouth. also on Anessa I have put in stitching in some areas around her head. The doll is all cloth and the front and back of the head have been joined together, but all the stitches don't show up, so, I have added a few more for a more complete look. Picking out something for a dress. I thought I would use some cotton whitework for one, and I have some vintage red fabric that should look good on Sadie. I will try this time to get the gathers in the top. Must hurry, must hurry, so much work to be done. Wish me well on making the dresses,  and ( happy happy ) doll making to everybody.

New Dolls Sadie & Anessa

Friday, September 16, 2011

Martha Pearl Izannah Walker Style Cloth Doll

Below you will see pictures of Martha Pearl. She is a doll that I made along time ago.  She is made of cloth with paperclay sculpted face and covered in a stockinet. I have experimented on Martha Pearl for a long time , trying out new hair styles, new paint color, I replaced her ears once, I changed out her arms and legs three times, and made her 2 sets of second skins until now she is up to date. She was the first doll that I felt came anywhere near to looking like an Izannah Walker doll. I owe Martha Pearl alot, she patiently let me cut off her ears, sand her over and over and over, tear her apart and put her back together again, stained and removed stain several times, until I learned some things about how to make all the dolls look their best. She is going with me to the first doll show I have ever been to. I am quite proud to show her off. She is such a beautiful girl.

Martha Pearl

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The two pictures below are of Henrietta. I just finished her. She is about 20" tall. all cloth head made by layering cloth in a plaster mold, then putting the two sides, front and back together and painting until complete. This doll is big and chesty. She has a bigger than normal chest and neck, because I didn't put her head far enough down into the body but, I have mentioned " happy accidents " before. Sometime your accidents become blessings. I don't think Henrietta would have the charm she has without her big heavy shoulders. If you make a boo boo on your doll, wait awhile and see if you can use it to your advantage. I almost threw Henrietta away, because I couldn't see her potential. I happened to have a very old beautiful pleated dress. It was cut down just a little to fit the doll.  It will now belong to Henrietta and become part of her, I hope,  permanent wardrobe. Maybe someone will want to make her many dresses, I hope so. I have done all I can to get her ready for someone else to enjoy and love.

New Doll Henrietta

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Izannah Walker Reproductions, Mary and Martha

 Mary and Martha are sister dolls.They are made from cloth. Layers of cloth are pressed into a plaster mold to form the head, which is then mounted onto a cloth body. this is the technique Izannah Walker used to make her dolls. These dolls are then painted in oil paint and sealed. They are 17" Tall. They are made using the exact measurements of a real Izannah Walker Doll.