Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doll without clothes

Here is a new doll that is not wearing any clothes. I have antiqued her second skin of cotton sateen. She has also been painted and stained to give the appearance of age,  Not really, really old, but with some wear. this girl is 22" Tall and is made in the style of Izannah Walker with the head being made in the pressed cloth method in a mold. Layers of silk, cotton and paste are pressed into the mold and dried. the two halves, front and back are then stitched or glued together, stuffed with cotton, and mounted on a body of premium muslin ( Drill ), which is very heavy and durable. There is a wood dowel that runs from the inside top of head down into the botton of the torso to insure the doll does not nod or droop. the ears are of made of cotton and are stuffed, stitched and attached onto doll's head. Arms and legs are made of fine medium muslin, stuffed with cotton and painted in oil. the hands are individually stitched and the thumbs are made using muslin, stuffed and then sewed onto the hands. the feet are barefoot. the toes are hand stitched.