Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here we are in our clothes

It seems like it's been a really long time, but all dolls take awhile to be made. The heads are pressed cloth. The bodies are muslin stuffed with cotton.   Head, lower arms and  lower legs are painted in oil. Black dolls have dyed lambskin wigs. I learned to make the gathered top dresses, these are my first ones. All dolls have pantyloons, chemises, slips, aprons,  and bonnets. The original Izannah's I went by to make these all had barefeet, so these dolls do too. I think shoes can be found to fit them already made,  as they have big feet, or some can be made. I have not gotten into the shoemaking yet. I will have to say it was a little iffy on getting the pictures, as there was to much sun or to much shade, but I think you can see well enough how the dolls look. I forgot to put in a few smaller ones to show size difference, but the big dolls dwarf all the others, even the 23" dolls. All the dresses are cotton, and the underware is a mix of new and old. All are stained to give appearance of age, but the old pieces do have some natural mends. Two of the bonnets are made of Osnaburg, which makes an excellent strong bonnet. The bonnets on the white dolls are heavy old cotton and are a little big for them, but I used a standard pattern, and of course the black dolls have the extra hair. For me there are no favorites, as each doll has features that I love. I wish for everyone a Wonderful Christmas and an exciting new doll making year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Big Izannah's

Well,  the day is finally here that I finished these dolls. I made a few pictures of the finished , but not dressed yet ( huge ) Izannah dolls I made. these dolls are between 31" and 32" Tall. The clothes have been made and are being finished, the little hand sewed things you have to do to them. 4 complete sets of dresses, pantyloons, chemises, slips and bonnets, Oh My. I started these back in august, so it's been a long process. These pictures were made with a flash camera, but I think they are pretty good. You can get a clear look at them. I had to dye the black girls hair ( lambskin )  three times to get the brown color, but they have the finest tiny curls. I really don't have to much to say about them, except It's been a long and hard job, but I am proud of how they turned out. In another week their pictures will be posted in all their clothes. Finally,  I learned to make the gathered top dress, so that will be something new. I have seen alot of really fine dolls people are making, and I sure wish I could get some of them, maybe in the future that will be possible. To everyone I wish a Happy Holiday Season and as always, Happy Doll Making.