Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Dolls and Re Worked Dolls

Here are a few pictures of some dolls that I have been working on for a while. Some have been put up before and some have been re-worked because I felt I could do better and I think I did.  I finally did settle on and make the outfit for one of the Alabama babies. I chose plain flour sacking for the dress and bonnet, as these colors look so good on the back dolls. I did age the flour sack to get a softer more mellow color. The other black Alabama baby will get an identical outfit. I showed Butchie, my black boy rag doll before, but have since made him some shoes and he is now complete. A rag doll that mama and me made is shown here too. She is a simple rag doll with a pretty outfit of vintage flour sack with quilted bonnet and a little flour sack purse mama made her, and a quilted apron that mama made. Making these rag dolls is great for me as I enjoy making and having them to keep. Today I listed in ebay the two Izannah dolls and will be listing all of the dolls I show here today.  The house is getting full of dolls and selling some will help me invest in my knowledge to make a truer reproduction of some types of dolls. Glad summer is slowly moving on and fall weather will soon start. I love the fall and it makes me feel better and hopefully will allow us to move a little faster on the house project we have going on. I will start taking some pictures of the restoration before long. Hope everyone is doing good and making something doll related to share. Since yesterday was my birthday, I will mention it and be able to share with you my birthday present in a few days, as I don't have it yet. See you next time, happy doll making to all. Martha