Saturday, March 7, 2015

New dolls being finished

I have taken some pictures of three dolls I am just about done with.  A large Izannah Walker Style Cloth Doll, a second slightly smaller Izannah Walker Style Cloth Doll and a painted head rag doll.  Omie is wearing a checked dress and bonnet of vintage cotton organdy with a lace collar which is removable. she is not wearing her under ware here because it isn't finished yet, Her bodice is fully lined and I still have to draw up the sleeves and add lace. She is a big,  sweet,

 light weight girl, and to me the dress and bonnet are just so pretty. I wish I had a ton of this fabric. My second girl is Izannah, and she is wearing a dress and bonnet made of a reproduction Civil War fabric called ink well. It is as near to the antique's dress material as I could get. She is more brooding with her dark eyes. I still would like to make her a second dress of a fine light weight white or light color  with out a bonnet, and I might do that. Her dress has a lace collar, but it is sewed on and she wears an apron of a white calico with lace edges, Her dress bodice is also fully lined,  I have made the decision to line all the tops of the clothes from now on as it is nicer and less work in the end. Last but not least is this fat painted head  rag doll. She has a few issues, one of her hands is slightly smaller than the other and her head is not completely straight, but she is pretty and will make a child a great playmate and companion. Winter has taken it's toll on us all, as far as doll making and work in general, but still progress is being made and lots of dolls are in the works, as well as new ideas and plans for this coming year. I have not given up on my video's. Keep safe, warm,  and working on those wonderful special hand made toys and dolls, as I sure do love to see what you all are making. Love, Martha