Wednesday, June 27, 2018

working on the house

For about two and 1/2 years we have been re-doing our house. We had a gas fireplace soot up the house and we had to clean out the house and re- paint all the rooms, so we decided to re model too. along with this, my mother decided to live with us after her husband died, so we had to expand her room to include a bathroom, so that has taken alot of time and money. We are down to the kitchen and are repairing the floor now and will be laying a new heavy vinyl floor. I made a few pictures of our progress in the kitchen. It might be hard to tell what is going on, but you can see a little of what we have done so far. You might say, well why has it taken you so long to just finish the inside of the house, because we still have the outside to go, but building on a new bathroom, doing all the work yourself and all the work on the entire house yourself, and trying to look after mama and my husband who have medical issues, plus tending to her house, ( just takes time ). We added a new walk in bath tub in the big bathroom, and as you will see in the pictures, mama has a single person step in jet tub. It is the cutest thing. She also got her own washer and dryer. We tried to make her room a grand retreat as she spends alot of time in her room here at her house and she will want to do that at my house too, I am sure. The kitchen is pretty big, but it will shrink down when everything is added, such as cabinets, table and a hutch. I wanted to go more modern through out the house, but it hasn't worked out that way. The kitchen is the only room that will be more modern looking and I will post pictures of all the rooms when we get ready to move back over. I am not a horder, but after doll collecting for 30 years, and now making dolls, I have alot of dolls and supplies. Could I down size, probably, atleast some, but when I think I want to do that, I ask myself if I want to part with some of the dolls, or if it is the smart thing to try to sell off dolls, as I might not get a good price for them, and as for as making the dolls, I love to do it and it is a happy place for me to retreat to, after doing all the other chores. Being a Libra, making a decision is extra hard.Here are a few remodel pictures.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Primitive Izannah Doll

Today I am showing my new Primitive Izannah Doll that I made. This mold was made about two years ago, but for some reason it didn't turn out right, but I tried again and I didn't have any problems and the head was in good proportion. It is funny that it takes a long time sometimes to think of and make a special project. I was making this doll and I thought to myself, why not make a limited edition doll. I was able to buy a piece of antique fabric which was over 7 yards long to make the identical dresses for each doll. I figure I can make at least 10 to 12 dolls with that much to work with, so my doll would be limited to 10 or 12. If I make the patterns to fit this doll, which I call my model, it won't be as hard to make so many. I hope to make the special bare feet on these dolls, as well as the stitching around the top of the head and around the neck where the head would be sewn on. We will see how this turns out. Along with the primitive doll, I have been making a few other dolls too. Margeurite, who I named after the wife of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a good show I like, is very pretty and a large doll. She has ringlets on the sides of her head and around her neck. I must pick something super pretty for her to wear. Another doll I am making is Sylvester, a boy who I named after Sylvester Stallone, I like him too. I think Sylvester would like to have a black calico suit with a fine white shirt and bow tie. We will see about that too. All in all I have 6 large dolls to make, plus my limited edition ( 10 to 12 ) plus 4 tiny Iz dolls to finish, and this is not counting the sheet rock sanding and painting the kitchen that I have to do as well. I better eat alot of  turnip greens tonight for supper to strengthen me up, HaHa  I hope every one is well and busy with their special projects a

nd most importantly enjoying them.