Friday, April 25, 2014

Alabama Baby Dolls

Back awhile ago the Maida Dolls Group had a Alabama Baby Doll or ( Ella Smith Indestructible Doll ) challenge. I had wanted to learn to make these dolls for a long time, so this was a golden opportunity to get started. I really like these dolls and admire Ella Smith's creative talent and determination to make a doll like this. I imagine she borrowed from other dolls in certain ways, but there is no other doll out there that looks like a Ella Smith doll. A few years ago, I was able to buy an original antique Ala. baby, she was in sad repair, but all there. I have leaned on her to help me make my copies. I made a face mold of her face, and studied her body, and the way she has been painted. I hope I was able to transfer some of her uniqueness to my dolls. Now, these are my first ones, so don't laugh at the extra big hands or the necks that are a tad to long, or the ears that I didn't get right this first time around, to name just a few of my mistakes, but all in all I like them a lot. Also, I have been trying to make a high collar dress, and this is my first attempt. The collars on these two dresses are not finished, but just tucked in place. I will have to go back and stitch them down and perhaps add a little lace. I wanted the dolls to be dressed plainly, but with real dresses and I think these fit the bill. One dress is floral flower sack that is stained pretty much all over, but gently, and the other dress is made from a very old futon cover that is very light weight cotton and is naturally faded and does have some little holes here and there. After I made these two, I went ahead and made two more, making my improvements and will post them eventually, they will be dressed in these same clothes. Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Five Izannah Dolls finished

Here are five Izannah style dolls finished. the 18 inch dolls still are waiting for their shoes and socks, but they will have them soon. the smaller dolls are as done as I can make them. Making and finishing five dolls like this has been a big undertaking, but I am glad to be finishing up, as we are behind schedule on finishing some bigger Alabama Babies and some Old Fashioned Rag doll dresses. If I had to choose between the  two 18 inch dolls, it would be such a hard choice, also I would have trouble picking one of the small dolls over the others. Each one has her special little personality and pretty outfit. I hope you enjoy seeing them.