Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sadica's Story

What you are seeing here is my poor mishapen face. My name is Sadica. My story tells the tell of why my  head should have come out of the mold, strong, beautiful and nicely formed, but as my name suggest, that didn't happen to me. Let me begin at the beginning and let you know that the person responsible for this tragedy is Martha ( the person who is making me ). Martha is kind hearted,  hard working, and is usually careful about waiting for the right time to do each step to create me, so I don't totally understand this flub up. This can't be blamed on  ( not knowing what to do ) Martha knows what to do, but sometimes I have observed, stupidity gets in the way. She isn't the brightest light bulb in the lamp, but certainly has a passing intellect. My only hope is her fierce desire to fix her mistake ( that's me ), and not only to fix me, but to make it up to me by making me extra beautiful, extra sweet and having the best clothes of all the other dolls that she didn't practically ruin from the get go. Do I sound a little peeved? Well, wouldn't you, if somebody pulled your still damp head out of the mold to early and caused your head to warp, and be weak, causing you to look odd and not knowing if you would survive. Martha has taken my head in her hands and promised me that I will be restored to beauty, that I will be her special doll and have the finest dress, the finest under things and special shoes too. She lamented over her rash decision to pull me out of my mold to soon and has lovingly been working to sooth my face and fix my boo boo's. Because I see her self recrimination over my condition, I will also help her too. I will let her put a special dyed stockinet on my head, and special paint to make me older and mellow.   Oh,  and she messed up the other doll on this post too, and I supposed she will fix her up as well. I guess it will be alright to let the other doll have a few goodies too, since she got pulled out wet as well. I have to rest now, get ready for another fix up session. When I am restored to beauty, I will write again and maybe my name will not be Sadica, but Gladica.