Thursday, May 18, 2017

A troublesome little doll

A person can spend a lot of time making a certain doll seeing that from the unpainted head, the doll looks to be a good one, however, paint the doll and then you might see a different picture, this happens to me a lot, causing the dolls to be a lot longer in being finished or being redone into a entirely different doll. Most people don't comment or lament to much on their failures or troubles, but I think its good to share that every doll you make doesn't jump right off the work table onto the paint table onto the dress making table and be a fabulous beauty. I did make a pretty doll and have finished ( for the most part) , except to tweek her curls out a little more. I posted this doll on facebook. She is beautiful to me. I might have given up on getting the famous Izannah curls just exactly right and settle for pretty ones, but, getting the curls right is important if it can be done. I think people have  ( blocks ) about things. things that for some reason are really hard for them to do. these curls shouldn't cause this much trouble, but as I said, there are things that a person can't seem to do, even though it should not be that hard. My post today is really about another doll I made. the doll is sweet, but not what you would think of as an Izannah Walker doll. Sweetness doesn't save her. Before I redo one, I try to figure out what can be done with the least amount of trouble, but most of the time, there is no easy solution. Considering it has already taken my husband about a week and a half to make the head, which was a good formed head, then making the body and stuffing it, then starting the painting process, which takes several weeks, and then to discover it isn't working out, so what to do?  Can you change from a girl to a boy? Will that work? If no, then let really dry and sand and make a few changes to the head, restockinet and then start the painting over again. All this can be done if the changes will not add to much weight to the head. A light weight head in the cloth doll is super important to me. Choices are re do the work, or trash the doll and start over. I hate to waste time and effort and supplies, but ultimately, the finished doll is the most important thing. Oh, the problems doll makers face ( if they are me ) HaHa. Hope your doll making goes easier and you have great sucess ( most of the time ) as I am sure even the most dedicated and famous people had troubles along the way when making their creations.  Here is a picture of my little troublemaker.