Thursday, June 6, 2013

Izannah Dolls headed to the UFDC Convention

One day I'm gonna break up my writing and picture showing style, but for now this will have to do. You have heard people say they can't do two things at once, well that's me. I have to do one thing at a time. I was making some dolls, just extra dolls, not for anyone in particular, and I talked to a lady who is going to the UFDC Convention in Washington DC. this year in July. She is going as a vendor this year, so she has lots of time for selling dolls. She makes porcelain dolls and she is a doll appraiser. She is going to take these girls to the convention. I am getting ready to make their clothes. I tea stained some cream calico fabric and will make two dresses just alike for these two, unless another color seems to look better on one of them. They are nice big hefty dolls about 22" tall with comfortable bodies, The upper legs have been weighted to help even out the overall weight. I imagine they will weight about 2 lbs each. I like these dolls, they each have been finished out in the rougher, more worn and aged look. If they are not old when I start working on them, they are definitely older when I get through. A few sessions with me and my nifty dental pick will do that to any doll. Bless their little doll hearts. I will post some pictures of their ( going to the big convention clothes )

 as soon as I'm done.