Monday, January 28, 2013

Work in Progress

I took a picture of the Izannah dolls I am working on at the present time. Cynthia, the lady who sells some of the dolls for me says that the small 11 1/2" dolls are good to sell. they are not as expensive and are really cute too. So I am making a bunch of these for her, both black and white. I decided to make a few more of the big Izannah dolls, as well as some 32" boy Izannah's. this will call for a new sculpt and a new mold. The boys need a more masculine ( yet cute ) look. Included in this group are two dolls I am making for two of my good friends. The dolls are named Aletha Mae and a temporary name for the larger one is Gloriana. I guess my way of doing things seems unfocused and as though I am skipping around alot, but there is a method to my madness. HaHa.  Sometimes the dolls take a long time to complete, there are different reasons for this. Sometimes me and the doll can't agree on certain things such as antiqueing or hair style or color, and we have to do over alot to get both of us satisfied. I have strayed  away from working strictly on the Izannah dolls, but as it turns out, what I have learned from making the Rag dolls, I can apply to the Izannah's as well as to any other dolls I might make in the future. We are moving along on these little people and sooner than you might think they will take shape and be finished. So much to do, but so much to look forward to. I will soon get to my favorite part, the painting, where faces bloom out and my little person becomes unique and set apart from anybody else.