Monday, May 26, 2014

New work in progress

Included in these pictures are several dolls I am working on, trying to finish. They are an old fashioned painted head rag doll for a dear friend of mine, two Alabama babies for two more of my good friends, two Izannah dolls, a pin keep doll in a can, who will have a brown homespun dress for a friend who once apon a time bought a painting from me. Lastly there are several Izannah dolls, I am showing 4 of these here. I love these dolls in this stage, it seems to reveal their character and give you a tiny look at what they will become. We ( my mama, husband and me are also making about 25 tiny 6 inch Izannah dolls. these are to keep my mother busy with things to do and I hope she will enjoy working on them. Over the last two weeks, we have undergone lots of changes, but I hope we will see a brightness in the future, where we can share things with each other and make sweet memories. I appreciate all the very sweet notes I have received. Life has twist and turns that we can never expect or comprehend, but we have to move forward, giving our selves to each other. I will post some more pictures when there is a little more to show. Mama

says I am a slave driver, but I hope she will learn to do more on the dolls and learn to really enjoy the process and be astounded when the doll is finished and she can see what her hands have made.

Friday, May 23, 2014

An Unbelievable Tradgety

  On Mothers Day May 11, 2014 my mothers husband went to the grocery store as usual, and bought a few things, on his way out to the car, he was stopped by a 16 year old boy and asked for his money. Billy refused, and went on to get in the car. the boy ran around to the car door and opened it and shot Billy three times in the chest. We buried Billy last Thursday, he was 87. My mother is 84. This has made us go through huge changes, trying to move back and forth between mama's house and ours. She is unable to stay alone, so our lives have changed in such a way, that my doll making is slowed down for the present. I am training my mother how to help me, partly, because I enjoy her company, and it keeps her busy. I won't be able to respond to comments right away, I will try to do that as I can, but appreciate your understanding of those who are waiting for me to finish special projects for them. I am still making progress every day, and will complete all my dolls that I am making for my friends. I'll post again soon, and appreciate all the good thoughts that I know will be sent our way. Love to you all. martha