Monday, August 29, 2016

Black Alabama Babies

Once upon a time a few years back, I saw a magazine article on black Alabama dolls. I wanted one right away, but the sad reality is there aren't any to be had as I know of, especially the very early black ones with the big ears. The black early Alabama dolls are sort of like the antique black Izannah dolls, which no one has to sell. I think you might find some of the newer molds Ella Smith had in the black dolls, but not the early ones. A friend of mine bought one at a doll show. It was small and not nearly as special as the old ones to me, as it had molded ears, not sewed on ears made separate. These dolls are about 18 or 19 inches tall and chunky. They are very comfortable to hold and to dress. I am making simple antique calico dresses for them and a nice slip ( not to full ). I believe I have made 6 of these dolls to date, and I liked them all, but on these I re- figured the patterns and believe I have a good likeness and a good representation of the early black Alabama dolls. Making the bare feet is a choice I have made on most of the dolls, but not all of course, because they can have shoes and socks, but I might ought to have put the blue or orange painted shoes on these so they would be more readily identified as Alabama dolls. Oh late for that. HaHa  I imagine other doll makers are working too on different things, I have lots of dolls in the works, but time is short and it is taking me longer to make and dress them, partly because I have slowed down to take extra time in the out fits, making them out of the old fabrics, which I would want in a doll I would buy, and I have to be super careful not to mess up and waste any of the fabric. I will show you one more doll I have re worked just a little ( a black large cloth doll with lamb skin wig ). I am going to brag about the blue suit he is wearing, as I had to dye it myself after making it and it took forever to make all the ruffles on the arms, jacket, and pants. You will laugh at this, because I had to get out the dye vat and make a batch of real indigo blue dye just to dye the suit, but to use the dye vat and not waste the dye which will stay active for about a week, I now have to scavenge to find any thing else remotely useable to dye blue. I guess lots of my dolls will be wearing blue clothes. My black rag boy will get a pair of shoes as it has become important to me to see the dolls get the full outfit and don't go out into the world wanting. Well.... hoping everyone is doing good and creating new beautiful things to enjoy and to share. I enjoy reading about other folks dolls so much.