Thursday, February 1, 2018

Finished Dolls

Here are two finished dolls I have spent quite alot of time on. I made a large  Ella Smith ( Alabama Baby Doll )  and a Izannah Walker Style Cloth doll.  Both of these dolls have cloth heads and bodies. The alabama doll has a cloth head with a pressed mold face made from my antique doll's face and the Izannah doll has a pressed cloth head also made in a mold. The very early black Alabama dolls are hard to find and buy,  also super expensive, so I have made some here and there, this is the largest one I have made so far. Due to paint issues and not having much time to work on the dolls, I don't have many dolls to show today, but I have made atleast three other Izannah dolls that have to sit up for atleast a month for drying and then clothes making, so hopefully in a month or so, I will have some more dolls. Going into the spring and summer, I thought I would try my hand at making a Philadelphia doll, as I now have one to make a mold of, and I would like to make some little black dolls,made in the way of the Izannahs, but just little simple black babies. Another project to do is to make molds of my large Izannah dolls that are about 29 inches tall. I had molds, but I re worked them and now have to make new molds. I am looking forward to seeing other dolls people are making and continuing enjoying my doll making days.