Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Columbian Doll

I have made a Columbian doll. After thinking about doing it for a long time, I struck out and made this one you will see pictures of.  She is 19 inches tall and made by the pattern from the Wenham Museum. It is Connie Tognoli's pattern, which is supposed to be a actual duplicate of the antique doll. I believe the pattern is actual due to pictures I have seen and the unique design of the body and feet. As I have said in the past, the 29 inch doll pattern did not work out for me, but I know that is my fault, not anything wrong with the pattern, which also can be bought at the Wenham Museum. This doll is really a great doll. ( the real Columbian doll). she is compact ( in the 19 inch size )  has beautiful feet and a long body and shorter legs. The head shape works really well, except in this, my first doll,  my girl's face got up tilted a little. The Columbian doll has super distinct features, and I did use a picture of an antique doll to paint by.  I was going to wait until I had her dressed, but, deciding to post another doll, I put her on here. The body is very pleasing, and the long waist will be easier to make her blue Calico dress. Over the last year I have invested in several large pieces of antique blue Calico, and have been using it to make several dresses, including the one for the tiny 9 3/4 inch doll I am showing you today. The little Izannah doll has two more sisters, waiting on arms and clothes. As I needed to use up every possible scrap of the antique blue fabric, I began to inter mix the fabrics, All blue, but different designs to take advantage of the costly fabric. Once these three are done, it will be a long, long time before I make any more of these small dolls, as they have worn my patience to a nub, over my not being able to make tiny hands  very well, and the clothes are harder to make too. the tiny doll, I call them pocket dolls ( they are a tad big  for a true pocket doll ) , but they are great to just hold and look at, just right in weight and size to play with, a childs toy for sure. I know for sure, I will make more of the Columbian dolls, as they are a delight in every respect. I can see why they are so wanted. Hope all are doing well and looking forward to spring and more doll and toy work coming along. Good Bye.