Saturday, September 15, 2018

Two New Izannah Walker Style Dolls

Here is Claudia, the first doll pictured with bare feet. She is about 21 inches tall. She has a pressed cloth head and all the features of the antique dolls. This doll is being made for someone, and I hope she will like her. The fabric in this post is for her dress and bonnet. It is very expensive antique calico and is such a wonderful color too. Claudia was made using a photograph of an antique Izannah Walker doll that I really love. I have a plaster mold to make other dolls like her and hope to produce some more. The second doll I am showing is also an Izannah Walker Style doll made of cloth with all the antique doll features, such as pressed cloth head, second skin of cotton, stitched fingers and applied thumbs and painted boots. The second doll has painted boots as you see. I am still debating about dress color, but am leaning to a white calico. I do like both these dolls, but intend to make many more of the Claudia style dolls, as they represent to me the almost alien head the real Izannah's have. I have also worked on Sadica  alot and she is soon to get her first oil painting. We recently went on a trip to the mountains and I hoped to see some hand crafted things, but it has all turned to things, made in china practically and was of no interest to me. I ended up buying a bucket of river rocks to bring home for $10.00 and a vintage paint brush ( old style with wide thick metal holder for the bristles. that was neat and I might try my hand at making a head on the old handle like I have seen people do in magazines. The food was good and we visited the aquarium which was very nice too. My husband got me to go up in the chair lift to the top of the mountain which was very creepy, as I am afraid of heights, but the view of the mountains was very pretty, made me want to paint them. I am glad we have the internet to see other folks hand made items, until such time as I can make some trips to see special things of interest to me as a doll lover. Sadica will get to make another appearane soon when she can show off her new face and maybe a dress too.