Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Sister ( Miss Martha ) and Junius

This is Old Sister. Her name is actually Miss Martha. The other Old Sister is  Miss Janiece and I will post her picture tommorrow. I included Junius in this post. I have been working on about 7 dolls and they are nearing completion, so I thought I would begin putting up their pictures. Martha has had a bad time. Her maker, ( who I will not mention ) made her the most HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC nose ever seen on a doll, so she had to undergo many operations to correct this. She still bears some scars, but is pretty all the same. She is about 22" tall. and her head is molded cloth and is painted in oil. Her dress is made from a old big dress I found at the flea market. It's a thin voile material. I have learned that if you make a serious boo boo on your doll, it can be better to antique the scars,  instead of trying to hide the fault. Junius is about 19" tall. Molded cloth head, and painted in oil with a lambskin wig. I tried my best to get the expression of the black doll that was owned by Richard Wright. They have that sweet upturned mouth. I also gave Junius side parted hair. this was not any harder than going straight across with the lambskin. I am still learning how to do the wigs. He does have a good head of hair. I cut down a baby shirt to fit him because of the collar someone spent alot to time making and putting in fancy french knots. I made his pants, which are a little to tight. All in all, I think things turned out well. Junius does have a sister too and hopefully I can put up her picture tommorrow. Hope you enjoyed seeing the dolls and seeing how lucky these two dolls are to have actually made it to completion. Many of their friends have not been so lucky.


  1. Seven dolls? You are busy indeed! I love Junius's outfit. I keep thinking I will try a boy doll but never seem to get past the idea in my head. Boy dolls are so rare. I really like his wig, how do you do that? His face is great too. Miss Martha's nose is just perfect....her little dress turned out nicely too. Are those painted on shoes? Will Junius get some?

  2. Checking blogs this morning and found these beauties...a nice way to start out the day! Congratulations to both Junius, Miss Martha, and their creator on their completion! Another job well them both!

  3. Thank you Mary and Sherri, I am done with these two and hope to post the rest of the sisters today and tommorrow.