Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another visit with ( Miss Martha )

Miss Martha has been with me for a long time. Her tag says only 6 months, but she has been with me far longer than that.  To me Miss Martha has the same sweetness that Izannah's dolls have. I know that Izannah Walker loved to make the dolls. I also know she made them to make money, but I don't believe she could have made them look the way they do, with the sweet presence they have,  if her love for them didn't show through. I won't have her much longer as a lovely sweet lady wants her, and I am glad for this.


  1. Dear Martha!
    I love your Miss Martha, she is very special and looks a little bit dreamy and shy. This is a very unique style.
    Happy Valentines day :)

  2. Such soft this wee girlie. Good luck in your new home, Miss Martha!

  3. It seems to me that each doll reflects something of his/her creator. Miss Martha definitely has a sweetness about her, so should we be surprised? I think not!

  4. Thank you Erica, Jan and Mary. I was just saying good bye. she is a sweet girl and I know the lady who is getting her loves her dolls, so she will be in good hands.