Monday, March 17, 2014

More Little Biddies - Small Izannah Dolls

More small  dolls underway right now. I am trying to finish 5 dolls, which include two 18" Izannahs and three 11 1/2" Izannah dolls. It takes a long time to make and outfit this many dolls, but I am working pretty hard on the project. The legs are on and body suits ready and the last of the arms was made yesterday, so we are going down the home stretch to having these little people finished. I now have to try to pick fabric for the dresses, which is sort of hard, as I like a lot of the choices, but each will get a dress that I think suits her best. the larger dolls are barefooted and the small ones have booted feet. After these are completed I want to take time to learn how to make a proper shoe. My Martha shoes are cute, but, I need to learn how to make a basic little leather shoe that I can easily change sizes. One of the things about making leather shoes is the sewing and the liner. I tried to hand sew some leather for shoes, but you really need machine stitched seams. When I make any progress on this I will post my findings and show you what I did.


  1. Oh, some new pretty little this size. You are right about how much work there is in dressing 5 dolls...would take me a year, at least. I usually start out making two dolls, but before long, I put one aside and concentrate on just one. I love these sweethearts, but # 3 the most (Please don't tell #2 and #1).

  2. They're all so sweet! Tickles me to see them in the police line-up this way. Ha! I know how hard these little ones are--you're an ambition lady!