Sunday, August 16, 2015

Continuing on with some Izannah Dolls

Making one of these Izannah Dolls from beginning to end is really an amazing thing. I guess any doll you make is, because of what you think you are making and expecting it to be,  and the doll you actually bring to a conclusion. It never fails to surprise me how different the dolls turn out from start to finish, or how my mind changes during the process. According to how the doll is looking there are times to change from white to black, or vise versa, or even from a boy to a girl, or the other way around. The dolls always rule and you seem to loose control and just finish what is evident the doll should turn out to be. Here are two I am working on at the moment. After having finished a huge garage sale, which took up a big part of this last week, not to mention all the times we spent hauling  things over to the place of the sale in the last months, I have some of my time back from that job. Painting is really a wonderful place for me to be, it soothes my spirit and gives me a rest, taking away every thing around me and taking up my total concentration, time flies by and  ( Wha La ) a painted doll head appears in my hand. It does sound silly, but for those of us who paint a lot, they know what I mean. These dolls here are finished in the painting but for one super important feature ( those darn side curls ) I have to go back and fill the curls in with dark hair. Ever Since I have been trying to make these curls and painted hair they have been sort of a block to me. Sometimes I can do good right off the bat, and then I have to slave over them to get a good curl. I will get the curls before its over. The happy prospect of picking out fabric for clothes will be next. I never used to enjoy having to make the clothes, but in the last year, my interest in making dresses, bonnets and such has grown. I don't think I am alone in the curl making, but suspect most people have the same trouble as me, so I might do a post showing some of the ways the curls can be made, as there are several ways to do it, including the way Izannah Walker made them, or atleast members of her family did. Included in this post is a picture of  my new bear I got at Ruby Lane's last sale. His name is Aloysius, he is a old reproduction  bear made in England. Out of room again, see you soon.


  1. One wouldn't have to guess, when looking at these beautiful dolls, how much you love painting. IT really shows! Great job, Martha! Your dolls just keep getting better!!!

  2. Sweet dollies, I love their curls. Aloysius has such character, he's wonderful!

  3. Congrats on your sweet Aloysius, and I love your recent Izzy! Glad you're able to get back to painting--I DO know what you mean about the creative zen therapy. :)