Friday, February 5, 2016

New Doll Molds, making pencil face rag dolls, and experimental hair styles

As I haven't yet learned to space my pictures and underline what they are about, folks will have to figure out what I am saying about different dolls here and what I am doing to them. Firstly, my new molds, I have made 4 new ones. They are not all pictured here as one is plain white and you would not be able to see much. I can't see much either at this point, until some paint is applied. Two of the dolls are of the same antique I tried to copy. The  one in the red is my favorite, but the other with dark hair is closer to a true likeness of the antique doll. The other Izannah girl mold whose hair is not painted and has no eyebrows and is incomplete in the painting is a doll that is very pretty and I believe will make a beautiful doll. I tried to copy another antique doll, but failed, and this doll is the result. If you notice the silk knit stockinet has deeper ridges and I made a serious mistake putting it on her. I thought I had the grain going up and down, but got it sideways. ( Never Never Never Never Ever do this. You will have to paint so many coats of paint to fill in the ridges, it's terrible and a stupid mistake I shouldn't have made. This doll would have been painted long ago if it hadn't been for my ( apparently not paying attention to what I was doing ). Alot of my time has been spent in trying to make a new rag doll with a smaller, older looking body and with a pencil face. These dolls will have body suits of a old faded material, and calico dresses, probably just alike, as sisters. These are my first attempt. I also added some slight color to the faces, but don't know if this was a mistake or not. I will make some more with out color and see if I like that better. These old dolls are all different and I think any way you fix them would be alright. Lastly, hair styles. I have once again changed my doll that I have had so much trouble with to a new hair style. I made short bangs. I see I need to darken my distressing, so it doesn't stand out as much, but I like this hair do. This doll will be dressed in a black calico suit. Well,  that is all for now. Thanks for visiting.


  1. All the dollies faces look lovely. I do like the hair with bangs, very cute. I don't paint, so it's hard to understand the difficulties one encounters. I just know if I was painting, they would not look so sweet like yours! I love the penciled faces on the rag dolls. That is something I would like to try in my future doll making! Nice job as always Martha.

  2. I love to see your works in progress, Martha. You have beautiful dolls here, and good potential with your molds...and I love the rag dolls. Can't wait to see these babies finished. (I especially love the one with the sideways knit--she's going to be very special.)

  3. The dolls from your new molds are very pretty. You have already done so much in this new year! I also enjoy seeing your works in progress, and so look forward to seeing these special dolls when they are finished. I also love the rag dolls...nice faces! The old faded body suits will be just perfect for them.