Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Izannah inspired dolls and finishing up, ( making a high collar outfit.)

Things have been slow in the posting. I imagine everyone is busy, either working on their dolls, plus everyday work, or trying to recuperate from health issues, or just things that come up that require all, or  so much of your time. I have had alot of that, as we are continuing to work on our house, and take care of problems and up keep here at my mama's house.  While not working on needful things, I have been devoting all my available time to working on my dolls, which included some flour sack rag dolls, which I forgot to take pictures of tonight, but will post them soon, but here are a few of the dolls that I have been spending time with. As you know, I made some dolls out of old doll heads to use as mold makers for new doll heads. I completed this., but as I worked so long and hard on these models ( for that is what they are, as the heads are a tag to heavy to sell, I wanted to finish them out to keep, plus I might need to make some more molds of them eventually. As I went on with them, I have lavished much time and good  antique fabric for their clothes.  I have made a black calico dress from antique calico and a set of so pretty vintage lace Chemise and panty loons for one, I liked this so much, I went out and found some more lace to make several other dolls the same unders. My model is my little odd doll which I have kept to consider some more. Also, I made a girl doll  in the likeness of the Izannah antique picture that I have had for a long time, but not sure of her fate as yet. The new molds include the small boy doll, who is the first cloth head out of the plaster mold, I did make a cloth head out of the other two new molds, but they are just in two pieces as of yet, so I didn't show them tonight, but they show great promise. It is hard to tell all that a person is working on, but I hope the summer will prove fruitful in making some nice dolls for people. I meant to make improvements in my new dolls,  and I think I have in several ways. Lighter cloth heads, a better body with good weight distribution, better feet, barefoot or with shoes, which I also hope to make improvements on. Also the hands need to be slimmed down, as I make them to fat. I wanted to talk about my observations on the paint jobs on the real antique Izannahs, but I will run out of time,so a discussion for another day. Thanks for coming by. Come back and we will visit and learn together. Martha


  1. As always, your work is astounding. The painting is part of what gets me. Yay for your keeper dollies AND your new molds!

  2. Oh Martha, the dollies are adorable & and the dresses are gorgeous! Love them both, but the black is my favorite. Beautiful work as always. Handsome little boy, I look forward to seeing him finished.

  3. Martha, you have surely reached some of your goals with these lovely, lovely creations. I love them, and many times over! I am anxious to see the doll who gets to wear the beautiful antique black calico. I am certainly looking forward to the next visit here where we can "learn together."