Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pretty In Pink Izannah Waker Style Doll

When I made this doll I immediately decided she needed a pink dress. Everything about her said  " Pink ".   I hope every one in doll making land is doing good and working on their dolls despite the terrible heat.  Along with working most days on the house, I have been steadily working on the dolls too. Finally finishing two of the larger dolls, I have gotten around to trying to finish two of the small 9 inch Izannah dolls. These little ones have been in the works for over a year, but kept getting passed up, but now is their time to get their clothes. Fortunately, I found some antique calico fabric in bright colors to make the dresses. Wanting to make their pictures today, they said no, better to get them all dressed up. Can't say I blame them for this. The heat is really bad here in Mississippi. Almost 100 degrees on the thermometer, and we can expect it to stay this way until mid September. Hopefully we will have rain so the grass doesn't burn up. I have been seeing some pretty dolls being made and shown on facebook. One of my new molds didn't pan out as I had thought it would, but I am fixing to make the other mold and see if that is better, I really don't understand why the first head was a failure, as it looked good to me, but that is how it goes when making something new, you just have to keep at it. Getting back to the doll in the pink dress, she is big, about 21 or so inches with new legs and feet by a pattern I got from Margaret Flavin along time ago. The legs and the feet are made seperate and then sewed together. I can really see why the old Izannahs have trouble with the feet coming loose from the legs. I have made a solid leg and the seperate leg and feet, but the solid leg and foot is a much stronger construction.  Our pink girl has a dress made of antique double pink calico which has the most starch in it. I washed it and it is still stiff. I guess the sizing or whatever they used on  it will have to have several washings to limber up some, but I will not wash it again. She also has a very pretty slip  which is part of an old antique  ladies slip that was cut down, some voile pantyloons and a voile chemise with lace on both. the bonnet is a little frilly for the Izannah dolls, but what can I say, I  just have to make a few things to suit myself, and the clothes can always be changed to suit any one who might buy this doll. The forth of July will be here soon, so I wish everyone a happy holiday and as always happy doll making.


  1. Martha, She's lovely in pink. It's a gorgeous piece of fabric and the ivory lace is the perfect accent. I like the shoes too. The heat is in Missouri too, but we are supposed to get some relief next week. We've been in the 90's but haven't seen 100 degrees yet. That usually comes in July and early August. Yuck! The finger is coming along so nicely. I've started a bear and little dollhouse rug. It's still sensitive but it gets better every day. Maybe I will work on a doll dress soon. I can't bend the finger, so I'm learning to do things in different positions. Old dogs can learn new tricks!

  2. Martha, I love this doll! The pink is such a lovely shade and just perfect for this beautiful doll. It's hot in Arkansas too, but we finally got a nice shower of rain. I am beginning to get back to some doll making and have been doing some sculpting. I think the next doll will be another "Indian in the Cupboard," my favorite, you know!