Sunday, January 15, 2017

Izannah Walker Style cloth Boy Doll

Well, here is a new boy doll. He is the second doll from this mold I have made. He also has an outfit of antique black calico just like or very similar to the first boy I made in this mold. I have made boys in the past, but truly I don't remember them to much and I have lost pictures of them. I was not careful to take pictures of all the dolls I have made and now I wish I had. Lots of things going on here, working on houses along with trying to made dolls too. I hope to stop and take a few pictures of some of the renovations going on at my house. I think I mentioned in my last post, I was trying to make some Columbian dolls, and so I have made one, but she is in the painting stages, so she asked me to wait until she is at her best to make her picture and perhaps to get a fine outfit. If you have never made a Columbian doll, there are two different patterns, I accomplished the 19 inch pattern, but the 29 inch pattern still has me beat. I learned to make the foot, which is the same on both patterns, but the 29 inch doll is just to big and the body pattern is different, and so I had the pattern downsized, but the head doesn't seem to fit together, so I have stopped that for now. I will make it eventually, but will be happy to just finish the one doll for now. I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas holidays and this year we can move on to make some great dolls. Splurging on Christmas, I did buy a antique 13 inch Martha Chase doll, as I knew I would never want to make the arms and feet on one that small. Martha chase dolls have such great hands and feet that it would be hard to make them, atleast for me. The old Barbie dolls have called out to me a little, but knowing I could not and would not ever try to make a outfit for a Barbie doll, I have resisted the temptation to get a antique one, as they are super expensive too, but the 1959 ponytail Barbie is a great doll to have. Some of them are in the thousands of dollars. I named my antique Izannah doll " Harmonia " and am still considering the fabric for a dress for her. Lots to do and to enjoy doing, as I hope all my doll maker friends and collectors are enjoying their individual doll making and toy making plans and projects.  Good Bye.


  1. Martha, you do boys so well...with that darling little side part, bow tie, and short pants. And, of course, Martha's boys should be dressed in black. If one should go back to previous posts here, there are several other oh-so-handsome little Izannah-inspired boys that you have created. I think I will go back now and take another look... I am sure you are enjoying your old Martha Chase doll, as well as the beautiful antique Izannah Walker...made for a Merry Christmas, for sure!

  2. Martha, I love your boy dolls and I recall several I have see here. I like the antique black fabric on this boy. His face and hair look so nice. I look forward to seeing your Izannah doll and your antique Martha Chase dolls! Not much sewing going on at my house. I've gotten all the dollhouse stuff out and in homes finally. I only have the one kitchen room box to finish. I have been working on a rug, but the holidays kept me busy and I got distracted with the dollhouse cabinet. I did hand sew a couple tree skirts for the dollhouse. I continue to look at dolls that need clothing, hopefully I can get back in the doll mode. I hope you had a great Christmas and I look forward to photos of you dollies.

  3. Your hands are getting better--you have such good shape and proportion on these!