Friday, September 22, 2017


We went to Panama City beach for a vacation in august. While there I bought a few items of interest. Usually we have never gone to the beach in season, but prefer to go when its cooler because we don't swim in the ocean, but mama went to her sisters, thus, we stayed near her in Panama City.  If you love the night life, this is the place for you, if not, choose a quieter spot. The music goes all night long, the roller coaster goes all night long, along with every other ride and music and restaurant place there. We did go to the beach twice after 5 o'clock. We did go swimming in shallow water, and it was nice, and we took our two dogs too. The seafood was very good there, better than here at home, and so many people there as well. I can say I enjoyed the trip. My little spending spree is shown here. I got a grey bear made of lambskin. Beautiful curls, but the lady who made it had glued a pair of batenburg wings on his back. I should have looked better, but I came home and ripped the wings off as well as a few other glued on ornaments she put on. Such a shame to glue on things like this bear. Always better to stitch ( not glue ) on your cloth items. I got a brown mohair bear ( have to see how to clean it ) The pair of small raggety anns were sweet and are Gearge Averill according to their tag. they have dresses, but I stripped everything to be cleaned. They are vintage and different in the faces. I don't like yarn on dolls, but these called to me anyway. A great find is the indigo depression era farm dress. It was in a small estate store. Beautiful color and fabric is strong. I almost fell out when I saw it, as I never find things like this here in Meridian. As a birthday gift to myself, I bought the child size dresser. Mama had a dresser just like it  ( only big people size ) it has the white design on the mirror just like the big ones and is in excellent shape. It was so cute, I just had to get it. It did come with a chest of drawers and a bed and stool, but they are plain, so I didn't photograph them. The dresser is 31 inches tall to the top of the mirror. Where will I put it ( Don't even know ) as house is full and more to put in there. HaHa   The brown primitive bear is cute too. I have made some of these, but they had him set so he doesn't move his legs or arms and put cheese cloth bandages on him to make him more shabby or sad ( not sure which ), I thought he would inspire me to make some different type bears later on. I think the rag doll family is the last of the pictures. I paid to much for these for sure, but they were a family and had great clothes ( again removed to be washed ) and they appealed to me, even though they are only about 20 years old. The body, head shape and the hands are very simple and the hands and feet are not what I would make, so that is part of their charm for me, something different than I would do. We made a super big decision on this trip. ( No More trips in Hot weather ).  Enjoy looking at the pictures and may be these things here will call to you to make something like them or inspire a  totall

y new creation.


  1. I think vacation days are kind of like pressing the reset button. ( We are needing one, for sure!) It's fun to look at the things you bought on your "little spending spree...really a testimony to the things you love. I would have been surprised if you had come home without the little rag doll family. They really are right down your alley. I love them too! I hope you will show more pictures of them dressed once their clothes are out of the wash. The prim bears are quite wonderful. I can imagine what charming bears you would make. Happy fall, Martha! (But it surely doesn't feel like fall!)

  2. Oh how fun! So glad you got both the chance to unwind and walk the sandy beaches AND enjoy some antiquing in a new place. My favorite picture is you holding up the dress, but I'd rather have seen your face. :~P As for Panama City Beach--I'd have to pass on the night life. We crash at 8:30, so we'd be pretty snarly about all the noise. Ha!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Martha (despite the noise!) You have purchased some wonderful things. I do love Raggedy Ann and had one as a child, sure wish I'd kept it. I agree with you, no vacations in hot weather. We went to Charleston, South Carolina once in August and it was nearly 100 and just about that was horrible!