Thursday, July 5, 2018

Making another Vestal and other new dolls.

Here is Vestal's picture. She is the second doll like Vestal I have made. She is not an exact replica of the first doll, but rarely do they look just alike. She has Vestal's head mold and shares features with her, but this doll has her own look and personality. She will have the same outfit that the first Vestal had. I have made several other dolls too and will show them to you. All of these dolls are fair size and some have the special Izannah bare feet and others the standard boots. If you have made dolls from molds then you know that when the dolls come out of the cloth mold, they do certain things that make them different. they warp, they develop air bubbles, the mold changes do to cleaning or sanding between making doll heads, so when you get a doll, either antique or new, these are the reasons your doll is unique. It is hand made and subject to many problems and also the painters hand on any given day. A few brush strokes make a huge difference in how the doll will look. I have learned no amount of experience will ever make me be able to duplicate exactly an original doll, not antique or new, so each doll becomes what she and you ultimately create together. The clothes are a little different. Color and fabric choices do make a big difference in your dolls final look. Hope you enjoy seeing these dolls in the making.


  1. Vestal's a very pretty doll. With such a sweet expression, she would be a doll to love for sure. I went back to your previous post about the dolls you are working on now to refresh my memory. Marguerite is a large doll I think. She's lovely too, but I think my favorite is the primitive Izannah. She's also very pretty. And, of course, everyone would surely love Sylvester. I know I do!

    I hope your house remodeling is going well. It has been hot and humid here with thunder storms the past couple of days. We have a zillion oak twigs and small branches to clean up in our yard tomorrow. But, at least we have started getting rain again. And, on another note, do you ever hear from Sherri?

  2. Oh I love them all! But Sylvester has stolen my heart. :~)

  3. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.