Sunday, September 11, 2011


The two pictures below are of Henrietta. I just finished her. She is about 20" tall. all cloth head made by layering cloth in a plaster mold, then putting the two sides, front and back together and painting until complete. This doll is big and chesty. She has a bigger than normal chest and neck, because I didn't put her head far enough down into the body but, I have mentioned " happy accidents " before. Sometime your accidents become blessings. I don't think Henrietta would have the charm she has without her big heavy shoulders. If you make a boo boo on your doll, wait awhile and see if you can use it to your advantage. I almost threw Henrietta away, because I couldn't see her potential. I happened to have a very old beautiful pleated dress. It was cut down just a little to fit the doll.  It will now belong to Henrietta and become part of her, I hope,  permanent wardrobe. Maybe someone will want to make her many dresses, I hope so. I have done all I can to get her ready for someone else to enjoy and love.

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