Friday, September 16, 2011

Martha Pearl Izannah Walker Style Cloth Doll

Below you will see pictures of Martha Pearl. She is a doll that I made along time ago.  She is made of cloth with paperclay sculpted face and covered in a stockinet. I have experimented on Martha Pearl for a long time , trying out new hair styles, new paint color, I replaced her ears once, I changed out her arms and legs three times, and made her 2 sets of second skins until now she is up to date. She was the first doll that I felt came anywhere near to looking like an Izannah Walker doll. I owe Martha Pearl alot, she patiently let me cut off her ears, sand her over and over and over, tear her apart and put her back together again, stained and removed stain several times, until I learned some things about how to make all the dolls look their best. She is going with me to the first doll show I have ever been to. I am quite proud to show her off. She is such a beautiful girl.

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