Monday, May 28, 2012


I have been working on this doll for quite some time. She is affectionately known to us as ( my favorite ), which i guess is mean to the other dolls, as they are just as sweet in their own way. I found on the Hwy 11 Flea market which runs from Meridian, Ms to several states aboove us, this material for her dresss and bonnet. I just loved it and it's so nice to work with. It is perfectly faded and has a few tiny holes but nothing to keep it from being sound. I made her pantyloons, slip, chemise, from plain cotton fabric that has an old look and feel. The underware has been aged to a old look, but just mellow enough to look like real old garments.  The outfit is not perfect, but I think it's beautiful. It might have a few small places that look worn as it would be with age. The sewing is not perfect, but I think everything turned out real good.


  1. Martha, I love her, she looks very sweet and shy. I think the pink is perfect for her. The color is that wonder historic pink I see in reproduction fabrics. A couple of worn places in the fabric is just the thing these days!!! I have really been working on that aging thing, but I still prefer the clean new look!!!

  2. I posted on MAIDA, but I still gotta say this may be my favorite doll of yours ever.

  3. I can see why you call her your favorite...such a lovely one dressed in her beautiful pink dress!