Thursday, September 19, 2013


Henry is a nice big boy about 28" to 29" tall. He is being made for a nice lady who has a big girl and she wanted to complete her family of big dolls.  Henry is a sweet, mild and gentle doll, always with a small smile for you. He is going to do me a favor soon, as I have to make the sister a matching dress to his outfit of old white dotted swiss fabric. The dress will be a lot easier than his clothes. I have worked on this simple looking outfit for awhile. I have made him some black shoes, but they are still not finished as yet. Show off my pretty suit, he says, it is just right for me. I did have a lot of thinking to do on this outfit. I didn't want it to be Victorian, but, an all white suit seems to say that. I did look up suits for 1850's boys and there were a lot of white outfits, not exactly like this one, but very dainty too with ribbons and frills. Should I go with colored ribbons or buttons

to off set the white, I asked myself, but nothing seemed right, so he has his suit of unrelieved white. He doesn't want anyone to see him modeling the dress, but I'll sneek behind his back and show you when I get finished. Happy doll making to everyone.


  1. He has such a sweet expression, like a little boy who tries very hard to be good. :~) I posed a question on MAIDA about the hair/glue...

    So hard for us to dress a boy in ribbons and ruffles, isn't it? Funny how times make it all so different.

    Love this little (big) fella!

  2. I can only imagine how much the nice lady is going to love Henry. I know I am love struck over him! Wonderful work, Martha!

  3. He's very handsome. I love his hair. I'm in the process of I through my mother's things. It's a big job. Someday soon I am going to get back to dollys!!