Monday, September 30, 2013

I don't want to model my sister's dress.

  Poor little Henry is having to model his sister's dress that matches his own outfit. He does look good in it,  though he protested the entire time and covered his face. I am so sorry Henry, but you are the only one who can wear the dress right now, and I do want to show it off a little. These two outfits are actually made up of several pieces of the same type of old tuffed  cotton dotted swiss fabric. In order to make the two outfits, I had to cut up about 4 or 5 small dresses and shirts, using all there was. I am proud of the clothes and think they were put to good use. Soon Henry can wear his own clothes again and hopefully be on his way to be with his Izannah family.


  1. Well the dress is really lovely, and so is Henry. You should make him a toy horse or something to make up for this, though. :~D

  2. Henry did a great job modeling sister's pretty need to cover your eyes, Handsome Boy! I agree with Jan that he needs a toy horse.

  3. Poor Henry...............he looks so embarrassed! The outfit is exceptionally lovely. You've done a good job. Very cute post Martha, it made me giggle!