Monday, October 7, 2013

French Beauty

My French beauty is now completed, except for her necklace of English cut antique cobalt blue glass beads, which I found out will take into November to get here, so I decided she shouldn't have to wait that long to show off her pretty dress, hat, shoes, and corsage. When it was first brought up to make a doll like this, I didn't realize all the differences it would be than the normal Izannah's that I make, but I found out, there is a huge difference, both in head shape, body shape, hair, and probably most of all,  the clothes she needed. Thinking about the French fashion we see all the time in the doll world, there are many roads I could have gone down in terms of style of dress, but I saw a teen fashion outfit, yes, like many others, I didn't know there were antique french teen fashion dolls, but there are. I chose to make an outfit like one of these. the dress is evening wear, or party clothes. Everyday dresses, and walking suits can be made for her as well. You ask me,  Have you ever made shoes and hats and corsages before now, I answer you,  with a big NO. HaHa  It's a wonder my poor little brain didn't explode, or implode thinking about how to make all this. I tell you all, I have a new respect for the dress makers in the antique doll world. So many things you can do, so many twist and turns of fabric and ribbons, and they put so much style and beauty into their designs. Ask me about her bustle. That bustle is for me , my first piece of clothes that took real designing to make it work. the problem isn't the bustle, but putting on the bustle, where it and the stand don't fight one another. I am super glad I have finished her. I did consider rolling and restyling her hair, but I thought I would leave that fun to someone else. As usual when we finish a doll,  I feel I have done all I can for her, given her my utmost in time and limited ability to make her beautiful, and lovely clothes to go out into the world.


  1. Adorable indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could hold her. You did a great job Martha!

  2. Martha, you have outdone yourself, she is a real beauty and her clothing is fabulous! You must be so proud for all the work to turn into such a beauty,♥

  3. This little French beauty is Tres Chic !!
    You are so talented !!