Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 I have now finished Woodrow, the smaller of the two Izannah style dolls. I named him after my daddy's brother Woodrow, who we saw during my growing up, but never really had a lot to do with them. They were always so sweet and friendly and lived in the same close area as Uncle Dewey. We would go to stay with Uncle Dewey, but just stop by to see Woodrow's family. Woodrow had a fine brick house on acres and acres of land, cattle, and seemingly everything to me as a little girl, whereas Uncle Dewey lived in a white clapboard house with no electricity and well water, but we loved to go there. anyway, little Woodrow is all done, except for his shoes. This head was originally sculpted for a white Izannah doll who will have forehead curls and side curls too. I like his fancy little white outfit, it is very similar to Henry's suit, but there are differences. I also included a photo of Norma's pin keep doll. she liked the last one I made, so I have made her one as well. To show size, I have made a few more pictures of Henry and the two boys sitting together. I am winding down on these dolls and have new dolls lined up to be made. but before I say I'm completely finished with this group and ready to get fired up on the next bunch, the Fashion is scheduled for a trip to Martha's Ooh La La Beauty parlar for her hair styling. Armed with foam rollers of different sizes, comb, and hair setting gel, and of course more ribbons, she will be getting a stylish French up-do. ( I hope ). Amid all the un certainty with the government, and it making us nervous, I am trying to concentrate on getting all the chores done I can and of course, working on the dolls a lot. As I am sure it is the same for all doll makers, loosing yourself in working on these sweet little people helps relieve stress and gives you a positive attitude toward the future. No one knows what will happen in the future, but you know you can still create and make beautiful dolls, and if you can do that, you can do most anything.


  1. I need a trip to Martha's Oh La La Hair Studio! :~D Love the boys in the white little-boy suits. And that pin keep doll has such a perfect blend of Martha Doll face and Folkart Antique face!!!

  2. Your dolls and stories are all delightful. Woodrow is the perfect name for the fine little gent in white. When I looked into those big wonderful eyes, I fell in love again!

  3. I love the name Woodrow. Deweys great too. The dollys & the outfits are just adorable. Sweet little pin keep girlie too.