Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little Primitive Myrtle Mae Junior

  Little Myrtle Mae Junior is the last small 11 1/2" doll that I have right now. Usually we do them in groups, and all her little sisters are gone down to Louisiana to stay with Cynthia Orgeron, who will find them a home. Cynthia and I met about 2 1/2 years ago at my one and only doll show I have ever been to. She is a doll appraiser and a doll maker as well. She works mostly in the smaller bisque dolls. Cynthia has a big old beautiful house that she displays and sells dolls from for many different people, as well as her own dolls.  Little Myrtle Mae got left behind this time. Izannah Walker did not make any dolls that are this small ( 11 1/2" tall ) that I know of, so I have  up to this point only made them plain stitched fingers without the applied thumb, in all other ways, they are made exactly like the bigger dolls. To my knowledge, 15 inches is about the smallest dolls that Izannah made. We love the teeny tiny's  about  ( 7 or 8 inches tall ) and plan on making more this year. In fairness to Myrtle, who is named after her bigger sister, the original Myr

tle Mae who is about 22 " tall and who this little doll favors, I  am putting some of her pictures here.  Not all of the dolls are stunning, or beautiful, but have other attributes, such as sweetness, or a really primitive quaint quality that is charming, and I think little Myrtle falls into this category.


  1. You're right...they all have their own face, qualities that are hard to define. Some of my favorite dolls are some of the homeliest things ever, but they appeal to me and I don't question it one bit. Just is. I don't enjoy making the really tiny ones, but I will make them, because it's a size a lot of people like--and they look so cute sitting in the laps of the bigger ones!

  2. Myrtle Mae has many fine attributes...really sweet in her own quaint primitive way and just wanting to be loved. I really like the size of this doll, big enough to love but small enough to sit on a shelf.