Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mae Mae

While the weather has been so bad, I have been spending time trying to finish up a few dolls that I have been working on, and this one is Mae Mae. She is 20" or a tad taller. She isn't a beauty, but so sweet. I bought some fabric on ebay a couple of months ago. Some vintage white cotton. One fabric has large circles and one has small circles, they are dotted swiss circles. It is very pretty. I like white a lot and it looks good on this doll. I put a dress like this on Mona Lisa too, but Mona Lisa has a little bit of a sad story and I will tell you about it later. I made another pair of ( Martha shoes ) for Mae Mae and I think they are really cute. Well, not much to tell this time, except I am glad to have finished this little doll and I am happily working on my Maida doll challenge making the Alabama babies and working on some about 17" dolls, as I see people would like to have some of those. Keep warm and keep busy making beautiful dolls



  1. I love her name! :~D This one is a keeper, for you or SOME lucky collector.

  2. I really have a soft spot for dolls named Mae which was my mother's name. Your Mae Mae is just precious in her pretty white dress. I will be watching for your 17 inch dolls...such a nice size.

  3. She's a sweetie Martha. Cute shoes, did you make the socks too? That's something I will have to learn as my dollies will be needing them! I have finished Annabelle's undergarments & will post them later this week. I have decided to do all the girl's undies first, then move on to dresses. I have been in a tizzy the last few days.....I wanted to put the little locket you sent for Aletha Mae in the center of her coral necklace. I put it away in a safe place and have been looking for it for days! Today, I got out the calico buttons I am going to use on Maddy Josettes undies and THERE IT WAS! It looks very nice in her necklace, and she is so proud!