Sunday, February 23, 2014

alabama Baby Dolls

Here are a few pictures of my alabama baby dolls that I am making. I have painted one coat of oil paint on today. They will have to set up for a week or so, and then be sanded and the repaint begins. Since these are my first ones, I'll have to play it by ear on their distressing. I probably will distress them next after they dry,  and then stain and then repaint. I don't know how many times they will need to be worked on. I won't have any trouble with the white doll, as distressing and painting them is much easier, but the black one might pose some problems. Black dolls are hard to adjust, as far as color goes. I will have to go by a photograph, hopefully I can get a bigger one that shows me good details. These dolls are made by making a mold of my antique alabama baby. There are nicer dolls out there with a little better shaped head, so in the future, I might have to free sculpt another one I like better, but for now I will finish these. I did make some bad mistakes in making these, the necks on my dolls are to long, and the bodies are to fat. One of the dolls face is looking up instead of straight ahead, but all these things, I can fix on the next set of dolls. I'm just glad I managed to get this

far with them. I do think they will be pretty dolls, especially when dressed up.


  1. I think the little "mistakes" often end up being unique pieces of art. Oh, yes, these dolls are already well on their way to becoming very pretty dolls.

  2. Martha, you did a wonderful job. I can't wait to see them all dressed up.