Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the Power of Painting and My alabama baby in Progress.

 I showed on my last Post, a picture of Sissy and Pinky side by side. I have been considering them and today, I have gone back to the paint table to see what could be done to Sissy to soften her up, as she was looking a little  ( meanish ). haha,  Pinky was o:k, but needed a tweek out as well. I will post yesterdays pictures of them and todays so you can see, ( THE POWER OF PAINT ) I put this in real big letters, because painting has power, to change everyday objects into something beautiful. To amaze us when we see something someone has painted that is so beautiful that it stops us in our tracks. Just a touch of paint put in the right place turns something nice into something timeless. This is why I stress that learning to paint is maybe the most important thing you can to do in making your dolls. There is a argument among painters as to what is more important. perspective (  angles - form ) or is it  ( color ). I always thought if something is pretty enough, and  the form is not quite correct, a person would probably love it anyway, but if it correctly drawn, but has no color and is not pretty to look at, then it is wasted. Anyway, here are the comparison pictures, which are changed by simply changing how it is painted. Another thing I wanted to show is the beginnings of my Alabama baby dolls. I am showing only one, but I have made two. This is the doll ready to gesso ( or seal with acrylic paint before the actual oil painting begins ). She is based on my antique doll. I think she can fly with those ears, at least she looks like she can right now, but here again,

 we will see what the power of paint can do to turn this lifeless cloth object into a treasured doll.


  1. If you were a Superhero, you would be The Painting Lady! :~D Love the progress on your Alabama Baby.

  2. Martha, Sissy and Pinky are beautiful. I can't wait to see them finished.
    I also can't wait to see your Alabama baby when she is done. Thank you for sharing the humble beginning of a doll in the making.

  3. I wish I could come to your house and paint with you!!!! I really don't think Sissy looked mean before, but I do like the softer look. I love them both! I am looking forward to seeing a Martha, Alabama baby...should be good!