Thursday, October 8, 2015


Have you ever bought something, which is considered to be, and kinda really is, scarce or hard to come by these days, that you really wanted, but were afraid to use it,   well..... I have and here is one example, a good size piece of antique madder brown calico fabric which I gathered up my courage and started making a dress for Bo, a new Izannah Walker doll I made. This doll was going to be a boy, but, along the way, sweet girlish features showed up and so I have Bo . Bo is the name of a little girl in a movie, ( Signs )

that was so sweet and cute, I had to name a doll after her, well.... back to the pricey, delicate, so pretty antique material that to me is worth the money. The fabric inself, just by itself, might not be considered to be pretty, but once you make it into a dress, you see its beauty. What you don't see ( or maybe you do ) HaHa is the two weeks I spent  machine sewing, hand sewing, contemplating, staring, trying to get my brain to think up a good way to make the dress special by use of decorative touches, putting on said touches, then removing said touches, putting on lace, then realizing I did not have enough of the same lace to put on the sleeves and on the collar and brooding about what to do about that. Surly other people don't suffer as much as me, simply because they have a brain that can know what they want, and the sure mind to just sew the dress without mistakes, or second guessing the whole thing. This doll is big, about 20 or so inches tall with a pressed cloth head and oil painted features. If you notice ( I'm pretty sure every one will notice ) Bo is blessed with great big feet. Don't exactly know how that happened, but she is dainty in every other way. My last two gifts to Bo are the shoes she has on, which I slaved over and put a handy band and snap closure on for convenience and the pocket waist she has. The pocket waist is my first one ever, and although I studied Sherri Farley's tutorial on making the pocket waist, it took me several readings and several double looks to figure the thing out ( mostly heming the opening in the pocket.) My thanks to Sherri not only for the pocket instructions, but for many others she has given to us all. I hope you will enjoy the pictures.


  1. Bo is a beautiful dolly Martha. The antique fabric certainly made a lovely dress so it was worth all the aggravation! I love the colors and striped pattern. I have never worked with antique fabric.......I bet you were nervous when you made the first cut! The waist pocket is wonderful, what does she have hidden in it? I'm glad my tutorial was an inspiration. She a total package!

  2. Bo is a beautiful doll, and is well deserving of this lovely dress, for sure! I do love this old antique piece...such a nice pattern, and such a nice brown! What is there about brown? I can hardly dress a doll in any other color. I can't help smiling when reading of your "suffering" ...have been there and done that! The waist pocket really is a great finishing touch. Sherri's tutorials are the best! But, I also wonder what is hidden in Bo's pocket!

  3. Wow. I do know what you mean about using the old treasures. And having been "blessed" with Great Big Feet myself, I am happy you made Bo such beautiful custom shoes! :)