Monday, November 16, 2015

Finishing Touches and Little Extra Touches

  Well....the holidays are practically here. I have been working on a couple of Izannah dolls for the last 6 months and finally I have them done for Christmas. These were made as Christmas dolls so I have made it in good time. Along with the Izannah dolls I have been making various rag dolls and two boy Izannah dolls. The boys are in the early painting stages and show promise, but as usual I see problems staring back at me that I couldn't see when they were all white. Ugly things show up at the most inconvenient time, they couldn't let me see them when I could easily have fixed everything, no, they wait until I am happily painting away and suddenly,  ( there they are ) one eye bigger than the other, one cheek bigger than the other, the usual defects, etc...... These are common problems for me and everyone else who creates, so I settle down, maybe get some chocolate milk, and summon my patience and determination to set things to right and begin again. The little boy Izannah's will be saved and go on to completion. I hope all are looking forward to thanksgiving and Christmas. I have felt more like it this year. We recently had my little grandnieces for the weekend. We went to several flea markets, the fish camp, the steak house, the mall and had a great time. The two girls, 10 and 16 are alot of fun and boy ( they know everything ) You learn alot from them in a short time. HaHa  I have been generous with myself lately and have splurged on some big abstract paintings for the house, very excited to see them put up and things looking new and good. Its funny, I don't know what has prompted the changes in me, but suddenly ( it seems ) I am leaning more to minimal surroundings and a much more modern look ( not space age ) but clean and simple, rather than old and antique for so many years. My love for the old dolls has not changed at all and never can. I think the Tonner dolls are very pretty, but my old dolls will always be my favorite and making the old style dolls is a daily joy to me. Here is Juliet in her beautiful blue calico dress. This fabric is old and so deep deep blue. Here is Bo again with her restyled bonnet, and Bulova, who recently got a beautiful watch all her own. Happy doll making and a early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


  1. Wonderful dolls, Martha! Your work is just amazing...that of a true artist! It's obvious that Bulova is thrilled with her new watch and trying to show it off! I think these sweet, sweet girls have just given me a bit of good ole' Christmas spirit!

  2. Juliet, Bo, and Bulova are amazing. It seems to me that Bo has an opinion on something. Glad you're being generous with yourself, and that you still love your old dolls! :~) Enjoy your grand nieces--they keep us young.

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  4. These are lovely girls Martha. The fabrics are wonderful and have made beautiful dresses and bonnets, so sweet. Good job. I love Bulova! Glad to hear you are treating yourself!

    1. thank you ladies, I sure do appreciate the sweet comments. Blogs give you a chance to share what you are doing and to enjoy what other people are doing too and see the great things that are being made. Each of you have such a great blogs and I always look forward to your posts.