Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mona Lisa's new dress

Here is Mona Lisa all dressed up. I can't make straw bonnets, so I made a cloth matching bonnet for her. The dress is antique reproduction blue calico. I saw it on Silent Stitches web site and just loved it. Her underwear is cotton with cotton lace with no ageing at all. I thought the white against the dark blue would be pretty. the lace is a little tan though. This waist line on the dress is my own design. It has a double waist band, and gathered top with a narrow collar around top. I am not a seasoned seamstress, but we have much improved in our clothes making and are venturing out to a little more complicated dresses. Friday we went to the Highway 11 flea market. We traveled about a 20 mile strip. It is fun and I always enjoy it. I found some cotton lace, some small vintage doll clothes, sewing thread, twine, and a bunch of toys for the kids. I also found what I think was a bedspread, but it is super thin and the designs on it are faded and some worn off.  I think it will make some good slips, or some rag doll dresses. Happy doll making to you all through out

 the summer.


  1. Martha, she is lovely. The blue calico looks good with the white. Good job on the clothing!!

  2. Mona Lisa is beautiful and her blue calico dress is very nice. I haven't even tried to make a straw bonnet yet. It seems like such a daunting task. You've certainly captured the antique Izannah Walker style.

    Sounds like you had a bit of fun on that 20 mile strip at Highway 11 and found some nice goodies along the way too!


  3. Martha, the pattern in her dress is wonderful and I love the style. It certainly looks right out of the 18th century.

  4. What a gorgeous dress fabric! Perfect for her.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful doll...perhaps my favorite of your dolls (Have I said that before?) You have done a fantastic job on the dress.