Monday, May 6, 2013

My little Sweetie Belle

  I have another little beauty made by Sherri Farley who I have named  " Sweetie Belle ".  As many of you know,  Sherri's blog site is Make Do Dolls, and you can see many wonderful cloth Dolls, cloth Animals,  as well as,   doll chairs she has for sale,  and she makes ornaments from molds which are so special. I like George and Martha Washington in particular. This little doll I now have is a black cloth doll filled with cedar sawdust, and has a hand stitched face. Sherri knows I like red dresses and so she made Sweetie Belle a beautiful, perfect fitting Red dress, a special multicolored petticoat, and her chemise and pantyloons. A

long with the doll, Sherri sent a cotton bale that is the perfect size for my doll to sit on to watch our comings and goings everyday. She is sweetness itself, meet and quiet and such a treasure. This little cotton bale is a lot like the huge 500 lb. bales that used to be baled up around here, as we have many gins around here. they are no longer in business as big commercial companies now do all this work. Some of the buildings do remain for us to see. I do need to make my little girl a sunbonnet and although she has a little friend for now, perhaps a baby of her own. Thank you Sherri for this little special doll and for making me see by looking at her work, that when I make dolls or clothes I need to go the extra mile to get perfection like she does.


  1. Very sweet Martha, I am glad you enjoy her. I must catch up and post my wonderful Aletha Mae you made for me. I fear I got the better end of that deal!!!

  2. I love this girlie! And Sherri--Martha and I both know the work that goes into one of your dolls. How wonderful that you can share the doll-joy AND the art-joy, appreciating the special skills and workmanship that goes into each of these treasures.

  3. So much to admire...wonderful doll and fabulous photos!