Sunday, July 13, 2014

Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll with Blue Reproduction Stripe Civil War blue Fabric

    Finally I am finished with this little about 18 to 19 inch doll. She gave me a lot of trouble while I was making her, I'm not sure what the real problem was, except my perception of depth from right to left must be  a big part of what happened, and I think as we get older, and probably to some degree always was a little off, becomes worse. On a plain white surface it is hard to judge if everything is pretty even. On this doll, I was way off, to far off to just leave her alone and call it ( quaint charm ). She is quite beautiful now. We had a test of wills and while I say I won, she definitely won, getting her pretty face for her dolly life. This doll is not perfect, nor would I want her to be. She has some scratches on her shoulders, that I didn't plan, but in time that would happen anyway. She has a lot of distressing that was put there on purpose and I am well pleased with this. The fabric her dress and hat are make of, I got at Silent Stitches, it is Civil War Blue stripes reproduction calico, and I made her bonnet with the quilted osnaburg  from Jo Anns Fabrics, it is really nice. Not much else to say except I am grateful to be done and not in danger of disgarding this doll as has happened in the past when fixing problems seemed to big to overcome at times. Moving on now to primitive rag dolls with my mama helping me. She is having fun making stitched faces and quite proficient at grunging. Mama stitched this dolls unders, and is a quick study at making dolls. I hope everybody has a chance to work some with their parents on things, it is very rewarding and certainly times I will always remember.


  1. She's gorgeous, Martha. I love her in that bonnet! Of course your wonderfully soft touch with the painting makes her look like an antique.

  2. She's adorable Martha. I love her many curls. I agree with Jan, she looks old.
    It amazes me how every doll's expression is so different. You only get that with a hand made creation. This girl has a strong confident expression, my Aletha looks shy. You can't go wrong with that wonderful Civil War blue! Your mother did a great job on the undies. You are lucky to have your mother as helper!

  3. I love this doll, Martha! Sometimes the difficult ones turn out the best.

  4. She is wonderful, and gentle and peaceful looking ;-)
    So sweet and pretty!
    many Blessings Linnie